About the Program

This entry-level lineworker program prepares workers to enter the Outside Line Industry with the basic knowledge of electrical systems, equipment, and safety to satisfy initial employment requirements. Skills learned will prepare students for the outside line construction industry.

VOLTA is licensed through the State of Oregon’s Department of Education as a private, non-profit vocational training school.

VOLTA encourages anyone who is interested in learning a high-paying skilled trade to apply. The program focuses on skills for the new worker and for the experienced worker who is changing occupations. The program focuses on skills for both the new worker and for the experienced worker.

VOLTA instructors are Journey level workers, who are active in the industry.

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Program Features

VOLTA offers students a firm foundation with opportunities to grow in the Outside Electrical Industry. Classes address both the need for electrical line workers and the need for related and ancillary workers. As you seek employment and develop advanced skills on the job, VOLTA graduates will know what to expect from a registered apprenticeship program. This includes skilled positions such as:

  • Apprentice Lineman
  • Apprentice Tree Trimmer
  • Equipment Operators for Digger/Derricks, Cranes, Backhoes
  • Line & Tree crew helpers

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How to Apply

Interviews for the Outside Electrical Lineman Apprenticeship are held throughout the year, with interviews scheduled monthly. To qualify for an interview, each applicant must have a complete application in our office by the appointed deadline.

Enrollment Period For Each Session

  • Accepting Fall VOLTA applications June 29th to July 10th
  • Accepting Spring VOLTA applications January 6th – 17th
  • Accepting Summer VOLTA applications April 6th to 17th

We encourage anyone who is interested in learning a high-paying, skilled trade to apply.

To be admitted to the Vocational Outside Line Training Academy, prospective students must

  • Complete the application on Tradeschool (Tradeschoolinc.com?)
  • Obtain a copy of birth certificate or Drivers License (proof of ag 18 or older)
  • Obtain a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Pay $150 Application fee
  • Pay $8500 tuition cost (without tools or lodging)
  • Show proof of personal bodily insurance

VOLTA currently holds three sessions per year, starting each spring, summer, and fall. Once a class is full, alternates are placed on a waiting list (20 max). Should someone not be able to fulfill their obligation, the next eligible applicant will be contacted. Applicants will be notified by email upon their acceptance.

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How long is VOLTA?

VOLTA is a 400 hour program, typically 10 weeks, Monday – Thursday 10 hours a day. Schedule adjustments are made to accommodate holidays and staff training.

How many sessions are offered a year?

VOLTA offers three sessions a year, Spring, Summer, and Fall (April, July, October)

How many students are accepted into the program?

VOLTA accepts 32 students per session, with a waitlist for applicants not selected in the first round.

Where is VOLTA currently located?

VOLTA is currently located in Warrenton, Oregon at the Camp Rilea Military base, between Seaside and Astoria on the Oregon coast.

What is the current cost of VOLTA?

Current cost is $8,500, which includes the $150.00 enrollment fee. Students are responsible for their tools, lodging and meals.

Is there financial aid available?

VOLTA is not currently approved for traditional financial aid (FASFA), however, as an approved licensed training, private loans, grants and applicable scholarships may be available.

How do I find loans/scholarships?

Students can find scholarships through high school and community college career centers, local organizations such as Kiwanis, Women in Trades organizations and utility companies. The Roger Earl Meier Scholarship fund and Mike Rowe WORKS Foundation Work Ethic Scholarships both provide funds for training in the electrical trade.

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